Once you've chosen the paint colors that will soon transform your home's interior spaces, you'll need to schedule an appointment with professional residential painters to perform the renovation project. Preparing before they arrive will help ensure the process is smooth, efficient, and safe. Here are several steps to get your home ready beforehand.

4 Home Preparation Tips for Professional Painting

1. Remove All Wall Ornaments

Take all pictures, artwork, lighting fixtures, and other items from the walls and areas where the painting will occur. Drapes and window blinds should also be removed. This important step will protect your valuable from any damage and help expedite the paint application process. Plan to remove items at least two days before the residential painters' arrival so that you aren't rushed with taking out nails and screws.

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2. Clean the Area

Sweep away cobwebs, dust, and other debris to ensure the particles won't land in your fresh paint coatings. Wash the walls and other areas with water and a mild cleaning product and allow at least a day for complete drying. It's also helpful to sweep and vacuum the floors for added protection. 

3. Move Furniture

It may be tempting to leave sofas and tables in the area. However, doing so could make it challenging for the paint crew to maneuver around them and slow down the renovation. Remove all pieces out of the room. If there are large or heavy items, try to place them in the center of the interior space and cover them with a drop cloth or old sheet to protect them from damage. 

4. Keep Pets & Children Away

For their safety, plan to relocate children and furry companions away from your home on the day of. This will help prevent accidental spills, fume inhalation, and other mishaps that could impede the painting job. If possible, arrange for everyone to be away from home so that the project can be completed expeditiously and without interference. 


By following a few preparatory steps, your home will be ready when the professional painters arrive. Convurt Trends in Wheat Ridge, CO, is Denver's premier expert when it comes to top-quality interior and exterior painting. The locally-owned contractor takes pride in its work and is committed to exceeding your expectations. Call (720) 382-4549 for a no-obligation quote on your next project. You can also go online for the complete lineup of services.