Most homeowners want to delay roof replacement for as long as possible. For this, they will need to ensure their system is properly ventilated. The function of a well-vented roof is to prevent hot air from being trapped and overheating the shingles in warmer weather. In cooler weather, when people have their thermostats working full time, it allows cool air to circulate to reduce the risk of condensation. The guide below better explains its role in your home's health. 

Signs of an Improperly Vented Roof

During colder weather, you need to release hot air from your heating unit while introducing fresh air into the attic to mitigate the shock of highly competing temperatures. Without a vent, the heat of your home and the chill of your roof would create condensation, which is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. The roof decking may also begin to sag due to wood rot. Additionally, moisture can cause metal to rust and weaken, affecting nails and fasteners.  

Meanwhile, during the summer, an improperly vented roof can cause wear and tear on your HVAC system. Your AC unit will have to work harder than usual to compete with trapped hot air, causing your utility bills to rise. An attic that traps too much heat can dry out roofing materials, like shingles, making them brittle and ineffective. 

How to Ensure Proper Ventilation

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To keep your roof in the best shape possible, look into the vent pipe with a flashlight to check for signs of clogs, like leaves or bird nests. You should also call a roofing contractor to inspect your system twice a year—usually during the spring and fall—to identify any issues with your shingles and vents. In some cases, your system might not be outfitted with the proper equipment.

If you visit the attic and notice that the ceiling is especially hot, this is also a sign to arrange for service. Your contractor may recommend installing fans to increase airflow. If the heat has already negatively impacted your roof, they may perform repairs and give you a timeline for roof replacement.


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