When you're away on vacation with your family, you don't want to spend your time off worrying about your home being damaged or burglarized. Taking a few simple steps before you leave can improve your home security and give you peace of mind while you're away, letting you relax and have fun on your trip.  

How to Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away 

1. Don't Share Your Plans 

Resist the temptation to share your vacation plans on social media before you leave or while you're away. Wait until you're home to post photos or details of your trip. Even when you think your profiles are private, you can never be sure who is viewing your posts, and a burglar may see a perfect opportunity to break into your unoccupied home. 

2. Lock Doors & Windows 

The simplest way to maximize home security is to ensure your doors and windows are locked when you aren't there. Remove hidden keys as well. Most burglars enter homes through unlocked doors and will skip homes that require more effort to enter. 

3. Make It Look Like You're Home 

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Making it look like someone is home can deter burglars from targeting your house. Put a hold on the mail and newspapers, and mow the lawn before you leave. If you have yard care or snow removal services, keeping them on schedule will make your home look occupied. Home security experts recommend setting lights on timers, varying the schedule to throw off any burglars that may be watching your home.

4. Secure Valuables 

Thieves often choose targets based on what they can see from the outside. While you're away, secure or conceal valuable items like jewelry, electronics, and firearms. Lock them in a safe and keep the curtains or blinds closed to protect against prying eyes. 

5. Unplug Nonessential Items 

Home security isn't only about deterring thieves. Coming home to appliances destroyed by power surges or burst pipes can ruin your trip as well. Unplug any nonessential electronics before leaving, and program your thermostat to keep the interior temperature above 55 degrees to prevent freezing pipes. Turning your water heater off or setting it to vacation mode will save energy as well.


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