Remote work is increasingly common, and while convenient for some, it has significant drawbacks. There are social and collaborative components to an in-office environment that working from home can't replicate. The distance of remote work can also make employees feel disconnected from the company itself, leading to a decrease in job satisfaction. To maintain their happiness and productivity, you can reach out to them more often and use rental spaces to occasionally come back together as a team when they need it most. 

How Can You Improve Employee Morale? 

1. Acknowledge Employee Dedication

A kind word now and again benefits both your team and the individuals within it. Sending a quick email or message can make individual members feel important and appreciated. A brief note of acknowledgment for working overtime or making a difficult deadline can also help tether an employee who feels disconnected in the remote workplace. 

The appreciation can also be shared among the rest of the team or staff through email chains, explaining how these employees overcame challenges. Noted workers will feel valued, and other staff members will have a motivating factor to keep them invested in the company. 

There are also broader ways of acknowledging the hard work of your employees. Clients who aren't meeting in person will send along positive messages through email or text. Forward the gratitude to your employees so that they know their work is valued at the highest levels. 

2. Provide Meeting Rooms 

Rental Spaces

Sometimes, a change of scenery can positively impact a person's mood. When working from home, many people become stuck in the same monotonous routine. The lack of external stimuli can be deflating. A traditional work environment provides a change of pace that benefits employees. 

There's a new working climate that office space rental agencies are adapting to. You can rent conference rooms on a flexible basis, so employees can meet, exchange ideas, and socialize as they did before. These rental spaces can accommodate teams of all sizes with optional catering services, as well. To ensure both comfort and convenience, the office rental agency includes secure high-speed internet access and a business address for an improved reputation among clients. Depending on the lease agreement, you can have your team meet as needed—whether it's during traditional business hours or 24/7.  

3. Provide Open Access

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, employees had the benefit of speaking face-to-face with their managers to voice opinions and concerns. While videoconferencing has its benefits, face-to-face meetings are essential to employee trust and productivity. Your workers will feel free to talk to you honestly and provide a meaningful place to discuss performance reviews. 


From office rentals to meeting rooms, PS Executive Centers Inc. can help your employees feel more connected. This office space rental agency offers various working environments that are clean, furnished, and affordable. Each space has complimentary high-speed internet access and receptionists to help get you situated. Additionally, you can take advantage of their flexible lease agreements, so the meeting room will be available whenever your team needs it. For more information on their office rental spaces, visit their website or call their Westlake, OH, office at (800) 589-3300.