Assisted living communities provide 24-hour care for aging adults who need assistance with daily tasks but prefer to remain largely independent. If you have a senior loved one, such as a parent or grandparent, who appears to need a bit more care than they once did, you may be wondering if one of these communities is right for them. The guide below looks at who is best suited to this lifestyle.

When Should You Consider Assisted Living for a Relative?

1. Taking Care of Their Home Is Overwhelming

Perhaps your aging loved one is finding household chores to be problematic. Duties like sweeping, washing dishes, laundry, dusting, and general home maintenance can be physically taxing. As a result, your loved one may not complete these activities often, resulting in an unkempt house. 

Alternatively, their living situation might not fit them anymore. They may not go upstairs due to mobility issues or struggle to care for a vast lawn. Assisted living communities offer help with household chores. This enables your loved one to have a clean home and less stress. 

2. They Need Help Performing Daily Tasks

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As people get older, they tend to move more slowly and sometimes have difficulty taking care of themselves. Even simple tasks like getting dressed in the morning, remembering to take medication, and preparing meals can become more challenging. This can result in a decline in their health. If your loved one appears to struggle with grooming or cooking, they may require the help of a caregiver at a senior community.

3. Their Social Life Is Lacking

As some people get older, they may not have as many social connections as they did in their younger years. They may not have ready access to their family and friends. Senior loneliness and isolation could result in stress and unhealthy habits like neglecting physical activity. 

However, seniors at assisted living communities have ample opportunities to develop positive relationships with other residents and the staff. These communities also encourage their residents to participate in fun social activities like group fitness classes, live musical entertainment and game nights.


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