As a car owner, you naturally want your vehicle to look its best. Ceramic car coating is an excellent way to keep your vehicle in outstanding condition, a perk that makes your ride stand out in traffic and improves its resale or trade-in value. Here's a closer look at these coatings and why they're superior to waxing.

What Are Ceramic Car Coatings?

A ceramic car coating is a type of liquid polymer that's hand-painted onto your vehicle’s exterior. The coating immediately bonds with your vehicle’s paint to create a semipermanent protective barrier. It provides an alternative to waxing, which has a tendency to break down within months of application. 

Many ceramic products are nano-coatings featuring silica dioxide that cures in about four hours and creates a hard, crystal-like quartz coating. The durable, flexible product typically lasts eight years before it needs reapplying. 

What Do They Accomplish?

ceramic car coating

In addition to providing a glass-like sheen that enhances paint clarity and depth, ceramic car coatings protect against UV-ray-related oxidation, dirt and debris that can cause scratches, and assorted chemicals that can leave etch marks, including gasoline and brake fluid. It also protects against etching from other acidic substances, such as bird excrement. 

Since the protective product is hydrophobic, it causes water to bead and slide off car paint. As a result, dirt and grime can't adhere to your vehicle as easily, which simplifies cleaning. 

What Are Their Limitations?

While a ceramic car coating protects your vehicle’s paint from the elements, it does not eliminate the risk of chips, scratches, and water or swirl marks. Incomplete washing can still leave marks or swirls on your vehicle, while contact with large pieces of debris can cause dents or scratches in the paint. 

It's important to dry your vehicle completely after removing all detergent to avoid marks, but since there’s no need for deep scrubbing or coats of wax, you’ll still save time on car maintenance. Keep your vehicle in a garage or under a carport when you aren’t using it to decrease the risk of debris-related impacts and damage. 


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