When you're looking to keep your vehicle's exterior fresh and gleaming year-round, you probably have to schedule auto detailing service on a regular basis. In addition to washing, a great way to maintain beauty and avoid paint corrections is by embracing ceramic coating, which lasts far longer than wax. If you're unfamiliar with this process, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

What Drivers Want to Know About Ceramic Vehicle Coating

How is ceramic used to coat vehicle paint?

This glass-like, clear protective layer is applied over a car's existing paint. Composed of silica dioxide, this compound is expertly applied to clean exterior paint and then cured to create a hard bond. Due to the beautiful shine it provides once cured, ceramic coating is often referred to as quartz or glass coating as well. 

What are the benefits for my car?

ceramic coating

Ceramic adds another line of defense against the elements. Ultraviolet rays from the sun will have a hard time penetrating the surface, and as a result, oxidation and fading paint are less likely. The risk of chemical stains and etching is also greatly reduced because the paint will not be immediately exposed. 

Better still, it's moisture-resistant. It will repel water and make the cleaning process much easier since liquids and dirt easily slide off. Additionally, you'll enjoy a high-gloss aesthetic that will make your vehicle look great when parked or on the road. Perhaps best of all, it lasts up to eight years, which is much longer than products like wax.

What can't it protect against?

Though it can protect against minor scratches, this protective layer doesn't make your car impervious to dents and deep scratches. Drivers will still need to stay vigilant when driving and parking to keep the exterior pristine. The water-repellent nature will reduce the frequency of car washes, but you'll still need occasional maintenance if you're driving through inclement weather or along dirt roads. 

What does the application process entail?

Ceramic coating isn't recommended in a DIY context, so it's best to have an auto detail professional evaluate the condition of your paint. You may want to perform minor touch-ups or dent repairs to ensure the paint is at its finest before the application. 

Next, your car will be thoroughly cleaned so that dust and debris don't get trapped between the paint and the coating. Finally, the ceramic will be evenly applied and cured. Innovative products may only need a day or two to cure, but some coatings can take a couple of weeks before they're street-ready. 


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