When you set out to do maintenance on your home, consider factoring residential window cleaning into your upkeep budget. Aside from the health benefits of natural light, clean windows will also positively affect your home and energy bills. Here are a few of the positives you can expect from giving your windows professional care.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning?

1. Extend Window Life

Chemicals, minerals, and acid rain can corrode window glass, sills, and other components, compromising the integrity of the entire fixture. Professional window cleaners use industrial-strength products to remove corrosive substances without damaging your windows. Regular cleaning, together with proper installation and routine maintenance, can help your windows last 20 years or more. 

2. Stay Warm in Winter


Dirty windows don't just dim the light coming from outside; the lack of sunlight can actually make your interior colder. This leads to higher thermostat settings in the fall and winter as the furnace works harder to maintain your desired temperature. Avoid this drain on your energy bills by getting the windows cleaned before cold weather arrives.

3. Increase Property Appeal

Not only do clean windows make the exterior of the house look more attractive to passersby, but they highlight the interior, too. Light streaming in through clear glass highlights your decor and can even give the optical illusion that your interiors are larger, making the house even more appealing to both you and your guests.


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