If your child loves to move or rock to the music, consider enrolling them in dance classes. Not only are there a wide variety of styles to choose from—including ballet, jazz and tap—but they will develop other skills that they can utilize off the dance floor as well. The guide below explores more of these advantages.

How Do Dance Classes Help Kids?

1. Physical Development

Dancing necessitates movement, such as spinning and jumping. This exercise builds muscle and improves cardiovascular health from a young age. Learning to position hands and feet correctly can also develop kids' fine motor skills while watching themselves in the mirror benefits hand-eye coordination. 

Not only can dance help them grow up healthy and strong, but the energy they expend during their lessons might mean they sleep more soundly at night.

dance classes

2. Social Interaction

Kids' dance classes are attended by other children of the same age and skill level. While dancing together, they might discover other shared interests, which can lead to the development of long-term friendships. 

In addition, like sports, dance is often a team effort. Your child will have to listen carefully to the teacher to learn the routine. They will help and be helped by other kids in the class. These experiences can teach them the importance of respect and kindness. 

3. Improved Confidence

While some dance moves might be challenging for your child at first, they will improve with each lesson. By the end of the season, they'll be able to complete a routine and maybe even perform in a recital. Looking back, they'll realize how much they’ve learned. Knowing that hard work pays off and that they can overcome obstacles can translate to other areas, like the classroom. Developing a confident stage presence can also prove useful wherever life takes them.


If you’re interested in enrolling your kids in dance classes, contact Elite Dance Academy in Broomfield, CO. The studio offers group classes and private lessons in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and pom. They provide both competitive and non-competitive tracks to suit the goals of each student. Visit the website to see a selection of fall classes, or call (303) 466-8626  to speak with one of our helpful staff today.