Siding plays an important role in protecting your home from the elements. Rain, snowfall, and heavy winds can all take their toll over time. If it’s time to replace yours, one of the decisions you’ll need to consider is the structural position of your panels. Vertical and horizontal installations both offer their own unique advantages. Here is how the two differ.

What Is Vertical Siding?

The average home isn’t constructed with vertical siding, but it’s not out of the question if this is your preference. Usually, you’ll see vertical positioning on commercial facilities such as schools and libraries. Part of the appeal is that it’s slightly unusual, so it can lend your home a one-of-a-kind look that stands out in the neighborhood. Much like vertical stripes, the panels can also elongate the home and give it a sleeker and more eye-catching appearance.


In this position, the panels are also easier to clean since the grooves run up and down instead of side to side. Whether you’re cleaning manually or with a power washing machine, you’ll have the advantage of cleaning your home a little more quickly than you would otherwise. To install them in this position, your contractor will need to place furring strips in between each panel. These protective elements prevent water from seeping through and causing damage. 

What Is Horizontal Siding? 

Horizontal siding is popular largely because it’s such an economical option. It’s also quicker to install, which is important if you’re trying to save time on your project. Because the panels are positioned from east to west, they are more vulnerable to water damage over time. Namely, rain can seep through the gaps in between the horizontal panels. If the material were to pull away slightly or otherwise lose its integrity, moisture that slips behind the panels could lead to mold. 

Because this offers such a classic look, though, homeowners often choose it because it’s so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Cleaning may take some extra time, but with regular attention, it will continue to look its best through the years.  

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