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Trust the expert podiatrist Extremity Health Centers Foot & Ankle to help you get back on your feet again. Located in Scottsdale, AZ, this clinic uses minimally invasive approaches to treat many foot conditions, including heel pain, ingrown toenails, and bunions. If you’re afraid of surgery, let these professionals help you find an alternative.

Extremity Health Centers is led by Dr. Richard P. Jacoby. He’s been a podiatrist since 1970 and is a four-time winner of the Phoenix Magazine’s Top Docs Award. Over the years, Dr. Jacoby has also presided over the Arizona Podiatry Association and the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons. He specializes in peripheral neuropathy, and can help you find a solution for most nerve-related issues.

Get medical advice from an experienced podiatrist. If you’re living with diabetes, practicing regular foot care is essential. Many individuals with diabetes may experience neuropathy and sometimes gangrene. As a systemic disease, diabetes affects different parts of the body and will affect everyone differently. If you suffer from foot pain, it’s important to pay attention—their podiatrist and medical team can help you prevent symptoms from turning serious, and even life-threatening. 

For other nerve-related issues regarding your feet or ankles, be sure to seek treatment before the problem worsens. As a foot care clinic, they offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Neuropathy 
  • Geriatric foot care
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Fungal toenails

This list is not comprehensive—if you’re experiencing any issues with your feet, including athlete’s foot, hammer toes, ankle sprains, or heel spurs, be sure to contact this clinic as soon as possible. 

Extremity Health Centers is proudly accepting new patients. Call (480) 994-5977 today to schedule your appointment, and visit their website to learn more about what to bring with you during your first visit.