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7225 N Oracle Rd #104, Tucson, AZ 85704

About Caldwell Jewelers & Appraisers

Find the newest piece to add to your jewelry collection at Caldwell Jewelers & Appraisers. From elegant bracelets and custom earrings to engagement rings, this company has it all. Offering repairs, appraisals, trades, and custom jewelry services, this business in Tucson, AZ, strives to ensure all customers are satisfied with their purchases.

When you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, trust this jewelry store—they’ve been selling only the highest-grade diamonds since 1980. Guaranteed to be the exact color, weight, and clarity stated on the receipt, their diamonds are selected and graded by the Master Gemologist Appraisers and assessed according to Gemological Institute of America standards to ensure quality. If you’re looking to upgrade your current diamond, take advantage of great trade-in deals. If you originally purchased the diamond at Caldwell Jewelers & Appraisals, you’ll get back exactly what you paid plus five percent.

Not only will these jewelers assist you in searching for the perfect engagement ring, but they will also be there to meet your resizing and restoration needs. Their goldsmith has over 27 years of jewelry repair experience, so you can trust that your gold, silver, or platinum piece is in good hands. Estimates are provided prior to the repair, so there’ll be no hidden fees or additional charges.

If you’re looking to find out the value of a certain piece, these jewelers use their extensive knowledge to provide accurate jewelry appraisals. They provide retail replacement valuation, fair market valuation, and liquidation valuation.

Start looking for your one-of-a-kind engagement ring or begin the process of creating custom jewelry at Caldwell Jewelers & Appraisers. Visit their website for information on the gems available. To schedule an appraisal appointment or to learn more about repair prices, call (520) 742-3687 today.


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