When dressing for a formal affair, the right dress shoes can make or break the outfit. The shoes you select should complement your style and add to the overall visual appeal while delivering the needed support and comfort for your feet. Below are several strategies to help you find the best pair.

What Should You Do When Buying Dress Shoes?

1. Measure Your Feet

Visit a men's clothing store and have a professional measure your feet. While feet technically stop growing around age 20, a variety of factors can affect their size later in life, such as weight gain or loss, decreased elasticity in tendons and ligaments, and the formation of bunions or hammertoes. When you have a professional measure your feet, they will get the exact lengths, widths, and heights to find the perfect pair to match these dimensions. Also, make sure you measure both feet, as one foot can be different than the other.

2. Wear Dress Socks

dress shoes

While you may avoid socks or wear tube socks with casual shoes, you should avoid these practices with dress shoes because they can alter how the pair fits. Instead, wear thin, stylish dress socks, as they protect your feet without compromising the shape and comfort of the shoes. When you go shopping, choose a pair of dress socks that you would normally wear to work or a formal event. This way, you'll find the best possible fit.

3. Test Them

Dress shoes are made with sturdier materials than more casual footwear. While you should expect them to be a bit stiffer at first, walk around in them before making a decision. Take a few laps around the store and see how they feel with normal movements. Choose shoes that don't pinch your feet or restrict movement. Make sure that you can wiggle your toes, as this signals sufficient space and helps prevent blisters, calluses, and nail damage.


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