When energy costs are high, you may start looking at an alternative like solar. The eco-friendly, green technology captures and converts energy from the sun. A solar generator, such as one from EcoFlow®, then stores that power in a battery for later use. Here are some of its numerous benefits.

Advantages of Solar Generator

1. Free Energy

The sun is a renewable resource that is completely free. After the initial setup cost, a solar generator gives you energy with no monthly utility bill. You can go full solar or opt for a hybrid model. The latter can reduce consumption of other energy sources, such as gas. Additionally, solar generators like EcoFlow's are designed to be durable and also have almost no moving parts, so they require little to no maintenance. Occasional cleaning is all that's needed, and you won't have to pay service technicians on a regular basis. 

2. Outage Relief

Extreme weather, such as hurricanes and deep freezes, can trigger electricity outages. Many people rely on gas generators to power their appliances and devices, but increased demand can make gas scarce or very expensive. A solar generator is a reliable backup energy source that, as mentioned above, is free. Even if a blackout occurs at night or during a storm, the battery should be full from previous sunny days. 

3. Portability


Solar generators have another advantage over gas models: They are much more lightweight, which makes them highly portable. You can easily take one on a camping trip to charge phones and other devices. It may also come in handy at an outdoor party, to power lights and speakers. During an emergency, you could take your generator to a relative or a friend in need. 

4. No Emissions or Noise

As a green technology, solar generators are better for the planet. They're also better for your individual household's health and well-being. Gas generator fumes contain high levels of carbon monoxide, which can kill you without being seen or smelled. That's why you should never operate one inside your home or garage. A solar generator releases no emissions. It also makes no noise, which is a pollution of its own kind.


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