If you’re like most parents, you want your kids to get involved in fun, constructive activities outside of school. However, there are many options, and finding the best choice for your little ones can be challenging. Some of the most popular and beneficial activities are in the arts, and your children can start by taking singing, dancing, or acting classes, which allow them to express their creativity and learn many skills. Below is more information about the benefits of these activities that your children can look forward to.


Kids in dance classes have opportunities to use their energy constructively and develop their strength, flexibility, agility, and balance. Like any physical activity, dance requires discipline and poise, so students must pay close attention and work with their teachers and peers during group exercises. This helps them learn teamwork and get used to working as a cohesive unit, which is important as they progress through school and eventually a career. Plus, regularly attending dance classes can improve cognitive and social functioning, mood, and self-confidence, particularly in young women.


acting classes

Whether playing an instrument or singing, learning about music can help kids develop greater confidence and a willingness to try new activities and ideas. Since it can be difficult to master a piece, this also helps them develop a sense of patience, as they must work slowly and diligently to make progress.

The payoff of this dedication and hard work is the ability to demonstrate their achievement in a recital or concert. Also, since music and musical theory are closely tied to mathematics, learning to sing or play an instrument can enhance young learners’ abilities in math and problem-solving.


Acting classes combine many of the same benefits as music and dance, such as the development of a stronger sense of rhythm and physical poise, since this often combines the two other disciplines. In addition to this, acting can even promote a greater sense of self-confidence and teamwork, as acting students must appear on stage and learn lines, cues, and positions to stage a successful production.

At the same time, not every production is perfect, so children must learn to overcome obstacles. For example, if they forget their line in a performance, this gives them an opportunity to improvise and come up with a quick solution to the problem.

If your children are interested in singing, dancing, or acting classes, contact Melody Lane Dance, Music & Drama Academy in Yakima, WA. For over 25 years, they’ve offered dozens of classes in the performing arts for students of all skill levels. Young learners who aren’t ready to work in groups can take advantage of dedicated personal attention in one-on-one lessons. Call (509) 248-9623 to discuss enrollment, and visit them online to learn more about their private lessons.