Parents often enroll young kids in extracurricular activities to help them burn off excess energy and learn new skills. However, some parents scale these activities back as kids age to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed. Kids can gain many valuable skills from participating in extracurricular activities, such as dance classes, at any age. Here are some specific benefits to consider. 

4 Advantages That Older Kids Get by Doing Extracurricular Activities 

1. Social Skills 

Children will experience lifelong benefits from being able to make friends, listen to and understand others, negotiate, and communicate in various situations. After-school activities allow kids to socialize and often require children to work together. Naturally, your children will develop useful social skills as they interact with others in a group setting. They'll be better equipped for middle school or high school by participating in extracurricular activities. 

2. Discover New Interests 


Many kids discover activities that they're passionate about at a young age. By enrolling your child in after-school activities, you can expose them to various sports and hobbies that they might not experience otherwise. 

They can learn about these new hobbies in a low-stress environment with other kids their age. Since they're starting this process early, they'll have many years to improve their skills and enjoy the activities that they choose to pursue. 

3. Gain Confidence 

Trying new activities can feel daunting at any age; however, school-aged kids are at an optimal point in their lives for acquiring new skills. They'll gain confidence by participating in sports, arts, dance classes, and other enriching activities, and they'll believe in their ability to learn new skills as they get exposed to different hobbies. Confidence can help children in all areas of life, from making new friends to performing well in school. 

4. Time Management 

Any person with a serious hobby knows that improvement requires time and effort. School-aged children have to learn time management skills to make sure they have time for homework and their extracurricular activities. These skills will benefit them in adulthood when they're balancing multiple priorities.


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