Given the physical exercise in dance classes, it’s clear how they boost a child’s physical health. However, mental and emotional health are equally important, and dance can positively impact them, too. Dance promotes an overall sense of well-being in children, and the following guide explores why it's worth enrolling in structured classes.

Mental Health Benefits

Dancing involves complex moves and steps, and mastering them boosts your child’s cognitive skills, including memory, concentration, and pattern recognition. At the same time, their growing proficiency will instill a sense of pride, accomplishment, and self-confidence. 

Additionally, dance classes can prevent or combat dementia and neurological disorders later in life. Until then, dancing supports your child’s academic performance and prepares them for a career they might love.

Emotional Health Benefits

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When a child’s mental health is stable, they’re more likely to enjoy good emotional health as well. After all, they’ll experience less stress and feel capable of handling it better if they have high self-esteem, elevated cognitive skills, and less vulnerability to mental illness. In fact, dancing is known for preventing or reducing depression, anxiety, and psychological disorders like schizophrenia.

Besides that, dance classes give your child a chance to express themselves artistically. By channeling their emotions productively through dance, they can learn to communicate better and feel understood by others. 

The dance studio will likely enroll other students who are as passionate about dance as your child. This raises the chances that your child will make meaningful social connections and build lasting friendships, another vital aspect of emotional health. 

With all these benefits, your child is sure to be a happier and more well-adjusted person in their youth and as they get older if you enroll them in a dance class.


You’ll find numerous high-quality dance classes for your child at the Dance Arts Centre in Chanhassen, MN. For over 40 years, they’ve hosted a variety of kids’ dance classes covering ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, and acro. Even if your child is as young as two years old, there’s a spot for them in the studio, where the instructors average 25 years of experience. Visit them online to browse classes, or call (952) 937-2618 to schedule a tour.