For young children, it can be tough to find enriching activities that keep them engaged from start to finish. But with dance classes, your elementary schooler will be physically and mentally invested in the experience. Here are just some of the many benefits of enrolling your child in dance.

3 Useful Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids

1. Find an Emotional Outlet

Whether your child is dealing with bullying at school or just having an off day at home, it’s healthy for them to express their emotions in a creative, cathartic way. Luckily, dance provides the perfect outlet for those who are just getting familiar with their own thoughts and emotions. 

Not only does the physical activity allow your child to let off some steam, but the artistic format also gives them the opportunity to express themselves through choreography. This way, they can process the day’s events in a healthy way without the stress of speaking or writing out their thoughts.

2. Enhance Their Physical Coordination

dance classes

During this developmental stage, dance can be a tool for enhancing your child’s agility and dexterity. By learning how to stretch and strengthen the muscles throughout their body, they’ll be on track for a healthy lifestyle that incorporates fitness and wellness. They’ll also get better at balancing and catching themselves, which can help them avoid injuries on the playground, at recess, or even just walking on a crowded street.

3. Encourage Social Interactions

With so many tablets and smartphones available, finding in-person group activities for your child is especially important. In dance, they’ll learn how to share a space and a teacher’s attention with other classmates, and they’ll work on staying focused in the presence of friends. If your child has trouble socializing, a dance class will encourage them to come out of their shell and get to know their classmates, as they all experience new challenges and exciting breakthroughs together.


To expose your elementary schooler to the wonders of dance, reach out to Origins Dance Academy. This Crown Point, IN, school offers a wide range of kids' classes, from ballet and jazz to more contemporary styles. In addition to stellar dance education, they are committed to building a family-like environment for their students, so everyone feels safe and eager to return. To learn more about their class schedule, visit them online. You can also call (219) 662-2632 to speak with a staff member about your child’s interests.