Potholes are a common nuisance that can affect roads, driveways, and commercial parking lots. It's especially common for potholes to form during the winter and persist throughout the warm months. No one wants a driveway that appears unkempt and damaged, and you don't want to risk harming your car by driving over potholes. While a paving company can always fill potholes in for you, here are a few reasons why these divots form in the first place. 

What Causes Potholes in Winter?

Temperatures shift dramatically in wintertime, causing the asphalt to expand and contract depending on the weather. Potholes are especially likely to form near cracks in the asphalt. As water enters the cracks, it expands when it freezes and then contracts as it melts. 

The expansion pushes the asphalt apart and weakens the bonds between the material. Water also trickles down beneath the asphalt layer, freezes, and causes the entire slab to lift. 

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Then, as the ice melts, a hollow area forms between the bottom of the asphalt and the soil beneath it. Once the ice is all gone, the slab may collapse, and you'll end up with a pothole on the surface since there's not enough support for the asphalt layer. 

How Can You Prevent Potholes?

Preventative maintenance is the most effective method for stopping pothole formation. Asphalt paving companies offer various services to strengthen asphalt, including pothole filling and sealcoating. These services have to be done when the weather is warm, so you should have the work done in spring, summer, or early fall. 

What Should You Know About Repairing Asphalt in the Winter? 

If needed, it is possible to repair asphalt in the winter using cold patch asphalt. This mixture contains oils and additives that keep the asphalt malleable for cold weather. This can be used as a temporary or permanent fix depending on the severity of the potholes. Consult with your paving contractor to see what's best for your situation.


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