The appearance of your business’s parking lot can have a significant impact on its curb appeal. Depending on the size of your lot, it may have to withstand the weight of dozens, if not hundreds—or even thousands—of vehicles a day. What’s more, Connecticut’s climate subjects asphalt to dramatic temperature swings, excessive moisture, and lots of salt. Over time, the elements will cause significant damage. Luckily, you can extend your lot’s longevity be taking a few simple steps and working with a reliable commercial paving company.

How to Maintain a Commercial Parking Lot 

1. Ensure Adequate Drainage 

If rain or melted snow collects in your lot, the underlying asphalt will deteriorate rapidly because pooling water speeds up the erosion process. Wear and tear can cause nicks, grooves, and ripples that hold water to develop. Inspect the lot closely after heavy storms for signs of pooling water. Should you notice a problem area, a commercial paving contractor can level the depression.

2. Control the Surrounding Landscapecommercial paving

Snaking roots and sprouting weeds can wreak havoc on asphalt from below. If there are any landscaping features surrounding your lot—or within it—keep them well maintained.

For example, you can install edging around flowerbeds to keep the plants from encroaching on the parking surface. Adding a sturdy curb around the perimeter of the entire lot is also advisable to contain the asphalt and prevent crumbling. 

3. Address Oil Stains Promptly 

Since vehicles will be driving over your lot all day long, oil stains are inevitable. Unfortunately, such stains are more than eyesores. If left unchecked, the oil will saturate the surface and soften the asphalt, making it more vulnerable to cracking.

If the stain is fairly new, you should be able to remove it using a scrub brush with hard bristles and some detergent.


If your lot needs repairs, turn to Beausoleil & Sons Construction, Inc. in Cranston, RI. This commercial paving contractor has been serving property owners across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut since 1967. This family-owned business is also fully licensed and insured. To request a quote for your commercial paving project, call (401) 632-0203.