When it comes to paving materials, asphalt is known for its durability. However, it isn’t impervious to damage. Cold weather can impair your asphalt unless proper precautions are taken. Here are a few cold weather effects you can avoid by taking the right steps. 

What to Know About Cold Weather & Your Asphalt

1. Deicing Agents

Deicers, like rock salt, melt snow and improve traction on your driveway. They also accelerate the development of surface cracks at ultra-low temperatures, as they allow water to penetrate the pavement.

Instead of salt or harsh chemicals like potassium acetate, use calcium chloride. This deicing chemical works faster than rock salt. It melts snow and ice, and remains effective at lower temperatures.

2. Freeze-Thaw Cycles

asphaltWater that penetrates the surface of asphalt freezes when temperatures drop below freezing. The asphalt expands as the water freezes and contracts when the water melts. Cracks begin to form, which eventually develop into potholes.

Have a contractor patch any gaps in the pavement before winter arrives to prevent water intrusion. Applying an asphalt sealer is also recommended to keep water at bay. 

3. Snow Plows

Plows are convenient to remove snow on a driveway, but that ease comes at a high price. When plows scrape against the surface of the pavement, they cause major and minor cracks, which let more moisture infiltrate the pavement.

Prevent damage by working with a reputable plowing company that understands the proper practices and procedures for success.


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