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About Ginna Flores

Welcome to GinnaFit!

Have you ever had a personal trainer who seemed more concerned with checking their cell phone, than your session? Or worse, had you doing random exercises NOT in alignment with your goals? Choosing the right trainer can be life-altering. That’s why at GinnaFit, you have our complete attention, our best effort, and our total respect...100% of the time!

After ten years as a personal trainer, I’m so grateful for my wonderful clients. And humbled by how many refer us to family, friends, and co-workers. One reason, I’m told, is how comfortable we make them feel, regardless of age, limitations, or fitness level. Another is how much time we spend really listening to the likes, dislikes, and goals of our clients before designing a fitness program exclusively just for them. For example, maybe you want to stress less, lose some stubborn pounds, and start feeling like yourself again. Or get stronger, run a marathon, ace your next physical, and have more energy for your kids and grandkids. Perhaps you sit behind a computer all day and you have the aches, pains and posture issues to prove it. Whatever your reasons for joining GinnaFit, plan on having an awesome time, laughing a lot, and maybe even surprising yourself with how much you have accomplished! One more thing; You may arrive at GinnaFit a little burned out after a long, stressful day. But you’ll leave feeling amazing -- as if a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Start Changing Your Life with these EASY Steps...and the first step is FREE.

Step 1:  Simply schedule a FREE one-hour GinnaFit Fitness "Deep Dive", either virtually or via the phone.  I'll take the time to listen to fitness goals, answer all of your questions, and address any concerns.  

Step 2:  After our deep dive, I'll email you our Electronic Physical Readiness Questionnaire (EPRA), which helps me develop a highly personalized fitness program tailored for your success!

Step 3And then schedule your first in-person session.  We'll review your current fitness status, limitations, etc., and start making your FITNESS goals a reality!                   

Private, One-On-One Sessions from as low as $70.00

Virtual Training

Your sessions may be virtual, but the results are REAL!

·      Flexible schedule without sacrificing the personalized and progressive programming of traditional personal training sessions.

·      Professional advice and experiences from your dedicated GinnaFit Trainer.

·      Enjoy the safety and privacy of your own space.

·      The ability to train with family and friends with one or multiple GinnaFit Trainer's in   the same session.

·      More economical than a traditional personal training session

·      Ability to use your own equipment or equipment provided by GinnaFit. 

 Private Onsite Training 

Get GinnaFit from the comfort of your own home or space!

·      Private and dedicated one-on-one sessions with talented GinnaFit Coaches who have over 15 years of experience in the industry

·      Bespoke fitness programming tailored to your goals and needs, utilizing the world's most advanced health and wellness coaching protocols. You can be confident in knowing that together, we will work to unlock the results you want.

·      The latest, state-of-the-art fitness equipment brought to you. 

       Ideal for clients who are not seeing results from their current fitness regimen or have plateaued during their current program 

  • GinnaFit’s Coaches follow or exceed local health protocols.  

 Outdoor Training 

Get fit and clear your mind while enjoying a FUN, fresh air workout!

·      Private and exclusive one-on-one outdoor sessions with you... or with you, family, and friends.

·      Highly curated fitness programs based on your goals, and fitness level utilizing an inviting, outdoor landscape.

·      Scenic, convenient locations, including beautiful parks with the best views in San Francisco.

·      Ample parking and clean rest rooms. 

·      Outdoor training has been proven to reduce stress, improve mental health and increase positive mood.  And did we mention, it's FUN!

        GinnaFit’s Coaches follow or exceed local health protocols.  

 Online Virtual Programming 

The most economical of all GinnaFit Training options.

Highly curated programming created and developed by a team of the industry’s most qualified GinnaFit Trainers.

Ideal for clients who are self-motivated and competent with fitness equipment.

Clients utilize our state-of-the-art iOS / Android app custom-designed to include photos and videos of exercises assigned.

Communication is simple and convenient via our specially designed app.



(3 reviews)

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