Your driveway is part of the first impression you give guests and has the power to improve or hinder curb appeal efforts. The right combination of professional services, such as asphalt repair, along with DIY projects, can keep your driveway looking pristine for years. The following guide looks at best practices. 

How to Update Your Driveway

1. Schedule Asphalt Repairs

To maintain the driveway’s appearance, you might need crack filling services to prevent small cracks from getting larger during freeze-thaw weather cycles. Sizable gaps allow more water to infiltrate the driveway’s subbase, where it undergoes additional temperature fluctuations to compromise the base’s integrity and create potholes. If your driveway currently features potholes, get them repaired as well to prevent car problems. Patching involves removing all damaged materials before backfilling and sealing the depressions. 

asphalt repair

2. Clean & Edge

Sweep your driveway about once a week to remove leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and other debris. Organic debris accumulations not only look unsightly, but they also harbor moisture that can lead to cracks or provide shelter for pests. Use an edger tool to create clean lines on either side of your driveway, or schedule landscaping service to maintain neat driveway edges. 

3. Create an Eye-Catching Border 

Enhance your property exterior by adding an attractive border to your driveway. Perhaps you want to line it with ornamental stones or brick pavers or add solar lights to provide nighttime illumination. Maybe perennial blooms or small evergreen shrubs are what your driveway needs. Just remember to choose shallow-rooted greenery that won’t contribute to driveway cracks as the plants grow. 

4. Seal the Material

Have your driveway sealed every two to four years based on factors such as traffic flow and the regional climate. Sealcoating creates a barrier between the asphalt and the elements, which keeps UV rays from breaking down the material’s binder and causing premature cracks and brittleness. A well-sealed driveway is also less susceptible to rainwater and melting snow. 


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