An outdoor kitchen is an exterior location where you can prepare meals, typically located on a concrete or stone patio and within steps of the home. It expands the livable space of the property and streamlines meal preparation and serving for al fresco dining. Here are a few helpful tips about installing one of these kitchens on your property.

A Guide to Installing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Where should I install it?

The best location is one that has ready access to the home. This way, you can quickly and easily move food and cooking tools from inside the house, and there is less opportunity for accidents and spills along the way. Easy access will make cleanup easier, as well. The location needs to be close to electric and gas hookups, and it should be a safe distance away from areas where children play, like swing sets, playhouses, or driveway basketball courts.

What does a typical kitchen include?

stone patio

All outdoor kitchens have a grill or some type of cooktop. However, you can customize this space to meet your needs. You might include an undercounter refrigerator, sink, oven, or storage areas for cooking utensils. The flooring is usually either a concrete or stone patio, as these materials provide a strong, durable, and visually appealing surface.

How big should my kitchen be?

The size should be determined by the amount of available space and by how you primarily plan to utilize the kitchen. Outdoor layouts can be L-, U-, or G-shaped, or galley-style, so you can integrate an outdoor kitchen into virtually any space and modify it to fit the parameters. If you plan to entertain regularly, a larger kitchen may be more beneficial.

Should it be covered?

This is entirely up to your preference, but many homeowners appreciate having a covering to protect the appliances and fixtures. Popular covering options include retractable awnings—which attach to the home and can be pulled in and out as needed—and gazebos and pergolas, which are open-sided and use structural supports set in the concrete or stone patio to support an overhanging roof.


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