Sign-in kiosks for patients are becoming increasingly popular in health care facilities. From pharmacies to hospitals, these features are popping up to empower patients through the check-in process. With the ability to offer kiosk health screening as well as other sign-in tasks, medical organizations and businesses are enjoying the following benefits.

Why Your Health Care Facility Should Implement Sign-In Kiosks

1. Versatility

Kiosks can be used to accomplish a wide range of tasks during the sign-in process. For instance, you can have patients provide insurance information, answer basic questions about their medical history and reason for visiting, and offer options for making secure payment transactions. You can also use kiosk health screening walkthroughs to ask questions about recent symptoms of contagious illnesses or provide proof of vaccination to help keep employees and fellow patients safe. 

2. Reduced Wait Times

Front desk staff members are often inundated with tasks. Answering phones, collecting insurance information and payments, and handling paperwork can stretch them thin, especially in offices with high patient volumes. Kiosk health screening technology manages the administrative burden to prevent long check-in lines and reduce wait times.

3. Cost Savings

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By reducing the workload on your health care staff, you could save money by preventing the need for additional hiring. Kiosk systems are all digital, which cuts down on paperwork. With fewer filing cabinets and paper-based activities, health care organizations are seeing considerable savings with kiosk systems. 

4. Fewer Errors

Using kiosk systems helps reduce human errors, which can be costly and tedious to correct. Since patients provide information themselves, there’s no risk of misinterpreting someone’s handwriting or mishearing spoken details.

5. Increased Patient Engagement

Providing an opportunity for patients to input their own information gives them an active role in the care process. This can boost patient engagement and satisfaction levels. They’ll feel as if they have agency over the check-in process instead of having to wait for an associate to help them. 


If you’re considering kiosk health screening for your organization, turn to the experts at Accushield. Located in Atlanta, GA, this company has installed kiosks across more than 4,000 locations. Their touchless systems can perform temperature scans, ask customized questions, provide vaccine verification, and print name badges to save your organization time and money. Request a quote online or speak to a team member at (800) 478-5085.