If you’re looking to add additional volume and length to your hair, there are plenty of ways to do so, whether through a wig installation or by investing in extensions. If you're looking for a 100% human hair extension that can elevate your hair's appearance, one customizable, easy installation option is a tape-in hair extension. However, if you are new to tape-in extensions, be sure to consult the guide below to discover helpful tips for installation.

A Guide to Applying Tape-In Extensions 

1. Prepare for Application

Before applying tape-in extensions, start with clean hair, as the bonds of these semi-permenant extensions may lose their grip if any shampoo residue or other style products linger in your hair. Next, instead of pressing the extensions to your scalp, place the tape an inch away from the scalp to prevent the restriction of hair growth movement. Another placement tip is to section out your hairline to ensure that extension placement looks natural.

2. Learn the Bricklay Pattern

100% human hair extensions

Haphazardly placing your extensions without proper care or planning can result in unnatural hair movement and uneven volume. Luckily, applying your extensions with the bricklay method can promote a seamless, natural look. Essentially, this means you shouldn't place your tape-in extensions in identical rows. Instead, offset each row of tapes to promote natural hair movement. 

As you use this method, be mindful that the closer the tapes are to the top strands of your hairline, the more likely they will be seen. If you have thin hair, you might need more tape-in extensions than someone who has denser or thicker hair. More tapes for thinner hair will help achieve volume, but utilizing the bricklay pattern will keep your tresses looking natural. 

3. Repeat the Process

After prepping your hair and learning the importance of applying your tape-in extensions in a bricklay pattern, it's time for application. Repeat the bricklaying and taping process until all of your extensions have been added. The number of extensions you need to install will depend on the amount of volume you are trying to achieve, as well as the natural thinness or thickness of your hair. Once the process is complete, enjoy your 100% human hair extensions for six to eight weeks.


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