Many consumers these days are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy. As such, you may prefer items made with sustainable, all-natural materials, such as organic pillows. Here's what you should know about these products and why you should consider switching to them. 

What Is an Organic Pillow?

For an item to be considered organic, it must be constructed from 100% all-natural materials. This includes any material derived from sources found in nature, including wool, cotton, natural latex, silk, and feathers. All parts of the pillow must be free of manmade materials, including the cover and filling.  

What Benefits Do They Offer?

Using natural materials to construct goods requires less energy during the manufacturing process, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. These items are also free of potentially harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds, which are associated with an increased risk of illness. 


In addition to the environmental and health benefits, many organic pillows are designed to offer the best sleeping experience possible. Outer covers are made from breathable materials, which keep the fabric cool at night. Fillings like feathers ensure softness and comfort, while natural latex can enhance firmness for people with back and neck pain. 

What Are the Different Types?

There's a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. The following selections are 100% organic, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, available in king and queen sizes, come with a cooling cotton cover, and can be adjusted by adding or removing filling to suit your comfort level:

  • Latex: Shredded natural latex ensures a firm, supportive pillow.
  • Latex Poly Blend: Combining natural latex with an organic polymer blend creates a pillow that conforms to your neck and head for optimum support.
  • Latex Kapok Blend: The combination of natural latex and kapok silk creates a firm yet flexible sleeping experience.
  • Tencel™ Poly Blend: Thanks to the blend of 70% organic polymer fill and 30% Tencel fiber, these pillows feel light and fluffy yet supportive.


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