A mattress is vital for your comfort while trying to get a good night's sleep. If you experience back pain, upgrading your mattress can help alleviate aches and soreness. Here are some factors to consider as you shop for a new one. 

Back Condition 


Spinal stenosis causes openings between vertebrae to narrow, which puts pressure on spinal nerves. Common symptoms include pain in the neck or lower back and numbness, tingling, or weakness in the arms, hands, feet, and legs. If you have this condition, you'll need a pillowtop or memory foam mattress that can remove pressure from the spine and prevent vertebrae from becoming further compressed, which may take stress off nerves to reduce discomfort. 

Lower back pain may occur as a result of muscle strain, disc injuries, or arthritis. It can cause a dull, sharp, or achy feeling in the lower back accompanied by stiffness, poor posture, and muscle spasms. When you shop for a mattress, selecting a memory foam or gel product that can support the back and reduce pressure on the lumbar spine may alleviate symptoms and improve comfort.

Scoliosis is a condition characterized by unnatural curvature of the spine. This may put pressure on spots along the spine, leading to back aches, pain, and soreness. A memory foam or latex mattress can keep the spine in alignment, support the body, and relieve pressure for those who have scoliosis. 

Sleeping Position and Mattress Firmness

If you sleep on your side, a firm mattress can increase pressure points on the hips and shoulders. A product with a soft or medium firmness can conform to the body's curvature and take stress off these spots. This may lower the risk of waking up in pain and improve the quality of sleep. 

If you sleep on your stomach, a softer mattress may cause your midsection to sink too deeply into the material, which can put your body in a U-shape that increases pressure on the upper and lower back. Stomach sleepers may benefit from products with a medium or hard firmness level, which can support the body and maintain the natural curve of the spine to prevent discomfort. 

Back sleepers may encounter the same issue as stomach sleepers. A mattress that is too soft can cause the mid-back to sink, putting the body in a U position that puts stress on the lumbar and cervical spine. A product with hard or extra-hard firmness can keep the spine in alignment and alleviate neck and back pain. 


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