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About Arizona Wholesale Batteries

First Class Batteries For All Your Needs

Replacing your vehicle’s battery is a routine part of regular maintenance, but finding the right fit for your vehicle can be a hassle. The team at Arizona Wholesale Batteries will work with you to find the right battery for your needs. This business in Phoenix, AZ, provides customers across the Phoenix metro area with a selection of used and new batteries for boats, vehicles, motorcycles, and golf carts.

Family owned and operated, this local business focuses on superior service for every customer. As your one-stop shop for batteries, you’ll find vehicle batteries from name brands, including DieHard, Duracell®, Energizer®, and Optima Batteries. Whether you’re looking for a car or marine vehicle batteries, you’ll find quality products and services at competitive prices at this store.

With a wide selection of used and new batteries of various sizes, their inventory covers more than just car batteries. From golf carts to motorcycles, they provide customers with high-quality batteries for a full range of vehicles and watercrafts. If you’re searching for the best battery for your motorcycle, golf cart, truck, or watercraft, they’ll find the right fit to bring power back to your vehicle.

Getting rid of used batteries can be messy and dangerous for the environment. At Arizona Wholesale Batteries, they offer battery recycling options for customers. They’re dedicated to minimizing the harm done to the environment through improperly discarded batteries. Accepting all makes and models, they’ll pay you for each battery you bring in for recycling. Materials in recycled batteries are reused in new ones, reducing waste while creating new products for future consumers. 

If you’re looking for new batteries or recycling an old one, the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Batteries are here to help. Check out their website for more information about their services or call (602) 434-1710 with questions about their products.