Both a weave and hair extensions allow you to easily enhance your appearance with added color, volume, and texture without altering your natural hair. Although they are similar and often used interchangeably, not all extensions are weaves. Here is a guide to the differences between these two.

Hair Weave

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A hair weave is when the natural hair is braided and human or synthetic hair wefts are sewn into the braided hair. The extensions used are attached from one edge to the other, covering the entire head. 

This popular method is a chemical- and glue-free way to get thick, beautiful hair that can last anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks. Because the natural hair is braided securely to the scalp, some women may experience headaches, soreness of the scalp, and possible hair loss from tension. Proper hair care includes shampooing biweekly or weekly, sleeping with a satin scarf or pillow, and limiting the use of too much product or heat. 

Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions can be human or synthetic hair incorporated into the natural hair. They can be clipped, glued, or attached with copper links, enhancing the existing hair. Hair extensions are popular with women who want added length and volume. The various methods of attachment allow for easy removal if you want to wear a style temporarily. 

The implementation process can be time consuming as extensions are typically applied by strand. Often, the scalp needs some time to adjust to the added weight. For some women, their extensions can pull on the scalp, causing irritation and damage to existing hair. To increase your hair extension's longevity, separate the bonds daily, brush carefully, and never go to bed with wet hair. 


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