Fitness Center
Shmmy Shack LLC
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1340 S 119th St, Omaha, NE 68144-1606

About Shmmy Shack LLC

Embrace body positivity and join a community of like-minded individuals at Shimmy Shack to start building your healthiest self. This fitness club in Omaha, NE, welcomes all shapes, sizes, and ages to join the party and have fun while working out. Whether you need a quick stress-relief class or want to challenge yourself, these professionals provide endless encouragement.

Offering many different styles of workouts, such as Zumba®, yoga, and more, these instructors are committed to empowering and educating all participants. If you want to explore a unique dance style, sign up for belly dance classes taught by “Magdalena” Christina Kadlec, who has years of performance experience. 

Celebrate your body at this fitness club. To learn more about Shimmy Shack’s upcoming schedule, call (402) 214-0051 today.


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