A junk car isn’t always a complete loss. While it may not be useful to you anymore, there’s always the possibility that some of its parts could be of value to other drivers. There are a couple of key ways to determine whether you should part out the vehicle. Here’s everything you need to know about the selling process.

Should You Sell the Car Whole or Part It Out?

It can be tricky to determine what to do with a vehicle, even if it's a junk car. Approach this decision from a financial perspective to arrive at the right answer. First, consider how much work it needs. If it’s salvageable and you feel comfortable paying for the restoration work, you might want to do this before putting the car in the want ads.

Sometimes, selling a car for parts is the more financially feasible option. This is typically the case if the car’s value is low and it’s not worth it to perform repairs. You may not drive it anymore, but if it's a newer or rare model, its parts could be valuable. In that case, it might be smart to connect with salvage yards in the community to determine how much they’ll pay. It might be possible to find out how much they charge for specific parts, which can provide a better idea of the overall value.

How Can You Sell a Car for Parts?

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Before selling the vehicle, you’ll need to confirm that there are no claims or liens on the title. Once you’ve established that it’s clean, you can then begin the process of selling the car to an individual or salvage yard. After selecting a buyer, you'll either need to sell the car outright to someone who will take it apart for you or do the work yourself. 

The latter is more likely to be the case if you’re selling to an individual buyer who's interested in select parts. In that situation, the right tools will be needed to detach specific parts, such as mirrors, taillights, headlight assemblies, door panels, computers, steering wheels, door glass, and radiator fans. 

You can then go about selling the items to interested parties. For people who aren’t inclined to invest in tools or devote a great deal of time to such a project, it’s more straightforward to sell the entire car for cash to a salvage yard. 


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