Cheerleading Club
Cheer Athletics Omaha
14620 Gold Coast Rd Ste 460, Omaha, NE 68138-4454

About Cheer Athletics Omaha

Prepare your child for athletic greatness by enrolling them in fun and challenging cheerleading training program Cheer Athletics Omaha. This nationally recognized cheerleading gym in Omaha, NE, focuses on building students’ confidence and talent, letting them showcase their hard work at local, state, and national competitions. 

With this team of highly knowledgeable and passionate cheerleading coaches, your child will have access to the finest instruction available. They focus on teamwork and building trust between every member of the cheer squad. When one member succeeds, everyone does. 

This cheerleading gym offers programs for all ages and skill levels, as well as camps, tumbling classes, and other team training opportunities. They make the tryouts process as stress-free for prospective students as possible. Athletes are taught a short routine designed to help them demonstrate their mastery of certain skills. After warming up and practicing, students perform, are evaluated, and placed on a team based on their ability. Any student who does not receive an offer for a position on a team will have their entire tryout fee refunded.

Athletes can also take advantage of their private lessons to get one-on-one cheerleading coaching to prepare them for tryouts and competitions. These cheerleading instructors work with each athlete to give them well-rounded knowledge of the sport and the skill set they need to be a major part of any team. 

If your child has the spirit to become part of a nationally recognized cheerleading gym and make waves across the state and country in competitions and other performances, Cheer Athletics Omaha’s doors are open. Call them today at (531) 213-2289 or visit their website to learn more about their programs or to get times for the next tryout opportunity.