Food is deeply intertwined with southern culture. In the American south, food isn't just something to eat, it's a source of pride and a display of love and hospitality. Almost every southerner has a signature dish, a particular way they take their tea, and a preference for how their meat is cooked, and every region has its own flair. Here are some of the most popular staples in American cuisine.

What Are Some Popular Southern Dishes?

American cuisine

By now, most Americans are familiar with southern staples like fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, cornbread, and maybe even grits. However, many are less familiar with the southern tradition of barbecued meats. Barbeque is a major part of southern cuisine, though. For example, different variations on the classic pulled pork sandwich are common in the south. You might find it piled on fries or served on nachos. 

Cheese is another southern favorite. Known as "the caviar of the south," pimento cheese is a playful, southern take on cheese dip and is standard fare throughout much of the American south. 

Additionally, while southerners may not have invented brunch, they have been serving this classic meal since before it was famous. Some southern brunch classics such as country ham, biscuits and gravy, and home fries can all be found on many menus that embrace American cuisine.

Why Do Americans Love Southern Cooking?

Southern food is about tradition. As a result, they have developed the right seasonings and trimmings to add flavor and feel to their food, creating a cuisine that is hard to replicate elsewhere. These dishes bring not only flavor but also comfort and nostalgia. 

Throughout history, many southerners learned to live off the land. The land was so fertile and plentiful that they developed many ways to prepare foods when they were in season, including fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. Salting and frying were used to preserve food that they had harvested, but often, these foods were used in stews, salads, or just seasoned and grilled to perfection. Now, this cuisine has evolved to create classic, delicious dishes that people from all over the world can enjoy.


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