Some children learn best through hands-on methods, and LEGO® products are some of the best tools at your disposal. They’re easy to use, stimulate creative thinking, and easy for young children to start playing with. Here are a few ways to incorporate LEGO bricks into your homeschooling or classroom teaching plan.

How to Teach With LEGO Bricks

1. Build Strong Structures


LEGO bricks are perfect for building bridges, towers, and other structures that teach the fundamentals of engineering. Challenge your child to create a structure that can support a basketball, for example, or a strong bridge that connects two pieces of furniture together. As your kids learn how to imagine, design, and create using these toys, they'll also learn valuable lessons in critical thinking, problem-solving, and planning.

2. Spell With LEGOs

A key component of any child's education is learning how to spell. If your child needs extra practice, an innovative and engaging way to cultivate their spelling skills is to use LEGOs, as they can be configured into almost any letter shape. For example, your child can begin to learn the alphabet by arranging the blocks on the floor for each letter. Once they progress, help them start building words with the bricks. This is an innovative way to engage children that find themselves struggling to spell on paper or out loud because it adds a new interactive element that will hold their attention.

3. Construct Scenes

LEGO sets come with a diverse range of figures and accessories you can use to build scenes. If you’re teaching about ocean life, for example, create a LEGO scene with your child that includes relevant information like a coral reef, various fish, and underwater plants. If you’re teaching history, pick up a Medieval LEGO set that’s relevant to the topic. This approach gives children an opportunity to play and interact with what they’re learning. As you build the set together, you can teach relevant information from the scene for an even more immersive experience.


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