Next to your roofing, windows, and siding, your exterior doors play an important role in preserving your home’s appearance and protecting your interiors from the weather. However, just like windows and roofs, they’ll eventually wear out and require replacement to continue keeping your home presentable and comfortable. Here are a few signs that your entryways could benefit from an update.

How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Your Doors

1. Difficulty Opening and Closing

Several factors can make opening and closing your door difficult, from worn hinges to weather-related swelling or your house settling. Damaged or worn hardware is relatively simple to fix, whereas structural issues such as a misaligned jamb or foundation settlement can make many fixes temporary at best. In these situations, it’s often more cost-effective to replace the entire doorway.

2. Drafts


If you regularly stuff a towel or draft excluder under your door to keep cool air in during the summer or cold winds out during the winter, you’ve identified an issue that may require repairs or replacement to resolve. Many modern doorways have spring-loaded thresholds that can be raised or lowered to form a tight seal around your entryway. If adjusting this element doesn’t put a stop to indoor drafts, it may be time to replace your door with a newer, more thermally-efficient model.

3. Excess Moisture

If your door is made of wood or contains panes of glass, it may be susceptible to seasonal moisture-related damage. Excessive moisture can quickly lead to rot, mold, and mildew growth, which will leave your home vulnerable to the elements and increase the risk of respiratory illnesses and infections. Moisture buildup between panes of double glazing can lead to similar problems. In either case, it’s usually too late for repairs, and replacing the doorway is the best solution.


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