Commercial construction is a significant undertaking that requires extensive planning and preparation. To be successful, a commercial building renovation or construction project must naturally progress through several steps. Each step is important for ensuring the project doesn't run into snags. The following brief guide explores this crucial process to help you understand what to expect if your business is building a new property or upgrading a current one.

What Phases Are Required for a Successful Commercial Build or Renovation?

1. Analysis & Planning

commercial building renovation

The first step for any construction project is a planning meeting to analyze your business's commercial building needs and budget. Once you determine how much you can spend and on what type of project, you must locate a property—either a construction site or an existing building—that fulfills your corporate space and location needs. Finding a commercial design builder you trust is vital. They will be familiar with the local building codes and zoning regulations that will affect your project and guide you through the process. 

2. Design

The design phase falls in line after analysis and planning. During this time, you'll work with the building designer you've chosen to create schematics that address the choices you made in your analysis and planning meeting. For instance, you'll begin specifying room sizes, shapes, and functions while researching materials, textures, and colors. Building orientation and utility hookups are addressed at this stage, too. At this time, your general contractor will draw up contract documents to determine a timeline and the cost for each phase of development, while advocating for the most quality solutions at the best value through competition at the subcontractor level. 

3. Bidding & Construction

The final phase involves accepting bids from subcontractors and vendors for work and materials. At this stage, purchase orders must be drafted and all insurance and permits acquired. It's vital to meet with all contractors to agree on working hours, quality control processes, material storage, and project management. Foundations are dug, and concrete is poured at this time or, if you're renovating an existing structure, the interior tear-out begins. Interior framing is next, and, if required, roofing and exterior work, followed by interior finishing. Site cleanup then completes your commercial building renovation or construction project. 


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