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20120 204th Ave, Big Lake, MN 55309-4922

About Hanson Productions LLC

Convert old memories into digital keepsakes so you’ll never have to worry about losing life’s most precious moments. Hanson Productions helps you keep your memories safe by offering digital media conversion services to transfer your old media to DVDs, flash drives, and cloud storage. With affordable prices and quick turnarounds, this business in Big Lake, MN, makes old media conversion easy. 

This digital media conversion company will take your physical media items and transfer them into a safe, secure place. Assisting with backing up VHS, VHS-C, Hi8/8mm, photos, and other media, these professionals ensure your treasured prints and videos remain intact. To support the local community, these experts donate a percentage of every purchase to a charity of your choice. 

To learn more about Hanson Productions’ digital media conversion services, visit their website or call (320) 220-0098 today to schedule an appointment for a DVD transfer. Keep in mind that if you buy 20 or more copies of your preserved childhood tapes, you’ll receive a 5% discount. 


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(7 reviews)

"Our family has used this service several times and have been very pleased! Cam works hard and with compassion and care to make sure we preserve the family memories. He went the extra mile to quickly prepare some old 8mm film for our parents’ double funeral and their many living siblings and inlaws got to see movies from the late 60s ans early 70s, some of which have never been viewed by the people in them! It was a beautiful thing to be able to share this gift with our family, to help us in our grief. He works so quickly and ably, and I recommend him to anyone wanting to convert old formats to something more easily shared with others."... more
- Laura Maria [Google My Business, January 6, 2022]
"Hanson Productions moved about 25 VHS onto one memory stick in less than a week. Hanson Productions was flexible, accommodating and also very responsive to my messages. I’ll definitely be encouraging my family and friends to get their tapes converted to a memory stick by Hanson Productions! Support Local!"... more
- Kari Schaufler [Google My Business, January 6, 2022]