The New Streaming Model

Hometown Stream is the first streaming platform to break away from the traditional form of revenue generation for independent production companies; sponsorship and ads. Why did Netflix skyrocket past Amazon, Comcast and Hulu? Netflix is a commercial free platform. I hate ads! They are an interruption of what I want to watch and I know most people, if not all, hate ads too. When watching a show on traditional broadcast TV, a commercial break was accepted because it gave us a chance to run to the bathroom or get a snack. Now we can just pause the show and take our time; the power to choose when to watch a show is a wonderful gift and it scares the big studios and large companies needing an audience to sell their stuff.

Hometown Stream also gives the power of show creation to its viewers. Traditionally, the big studios told the viewer what they would be watching; we never really had a choice as to what shows were being made. Producers can pitch their show ideas with the world and if the audience is large enough, the show gets produced. 

The streaming industry is a highly-competitive market with many people refining their list of channels they subscribe to. Streaming services are also dependent on the top recognizable shows, so how can Hometown Stream compete with the big channels like Amazon and Netflix? By offering content that the big channels don’t or won’t carry.

Value creation: Hometown Stream provides value to both consumers and content producers.

  1. Reverse pricing. Hometown Stream is the first and only service to introduce loyalty rewards where the subscription cost goes down over time.
  2. Accessibility. Hometown Stream makes it possible for people to watch video anywhere, anytime, capturing the growing multi-devicing trend.
  3. Benefits for content producers. Hometown Stream is the new channel for content distribution and monetization and does not charge producers to put their content on the channel. Producers who originally hosted their own streaming service are now dropping their channels along with the high cost involved in maintaining a channel to the free and collaborative model of Hometown Stream.
  4. Original content. Hometown Stream is looking for producers that want to offer original content. If Netflix has taught us anything, its exclusive content is the key to large profits. You can’t find Stranger Things on DVD or Blue Ray; you can only find it on Netflix.