A massage can relieve pain, promote flexibility, and ease stress. Though getting one is a passive experience, there are a few best practices to ensure you have an enjoyable and beneficial time. Take a look at what to do before receiving a massage. 

How to Get Ready for a Massage

1. Don’t Eat or Exercise Right Before

To prevent nausea and discomfort from bloating, avoid eating before the service. You'll be lying on your stomach for a good portion of the massage, so you don't want to worry about a stomach ache the entire time. 

You should also avoid exercising. It’s also not ideal to put pressure on the muscles after working out because it could lead to a muscle spasm.

2. Hydrate


A massage will increase circulation and bloodflow and help release toxins from your body. Therefore, you want to stay hydrated before and after it. Drinking water can replace the fluids lost from sweating and push out toxins. Just don't drink immediately before the appointment since you won't be able to get up for at least an hour. 

3. Shower Before Arrival

Your therapist will be touching most of your body, so it's just common courtesy to arrive freshly showered. A hot shower will also put you in a more relaxed mood prior to the visit. 

4. Dress Casually

Oil is used throughout the process, so you don't want to stain any of your favorite outfits. Loose and comfortable clothes also promote a calm mindset. 

5. Communicate

Let the massage therapist know which areas are sore or in pain, as well as any fears or anxieties you’re experiencing prior to the service. Ask questions and convey expectations to ensure a mutual understanding of what is needed. During the massage, don't be afraid to tell the therapist if you'd like them to use gentler or firmer motions.


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