There is a cliche that teenagers are moody and experience emotional swings often. However, while moods can fluctuate due to hormone changes, there are sometimes other issues at work. Over the past few years, diagnoses of anxiety disorders in teens have risen significantly. Understanding the issue and signs to look for in your teen is essential to ensuring that they have the support they need.

Why Anxiety Is On the Rise

In addition to anything that may be going on directly in their lives, many outside factors can lead to anxiety disorders in teenagers. Teenagers face an increasingly scary-feeling world. This comes in the form of drills and lockdowns for active shooters, the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, and more. They may also experience bullying on social media, which can often go unnoticed by parents and peers.


Another factor is the pressure to succeed and compete. This can mean academically and also applies to extracurricular activities and even after-school jobs. A culture of achievement can leave young people feeling like they are behind their peers or feeling overwhelmed from trying to tackle too many responsibilities.

Signs Your Teen May Have Anxiety

Teenagers tend to need more sleep than adults, with eight to ten hours being best. If your teen's sleep patterns have changed, they seem tired more easily or have spoken about issues sleeping, then it can be a sign that they may be battling anxiety.

Withdrawing from social activities can also be a warning sign. If your teen is less interested in hanging out with their friends, spending time with family, or going out to activities, talk to them about their feelings.

Panic attacks are one of the most significant signs of an underlying anxiety disorder. They can also be scary for parents and teenagers. Symptoms of panic attacks include sweating, increased heart rate, feelings of dizziness or nausea, throat tightness, and even numbness in hands and feet. 


If you believe your teenager may have an anxiety disorder, one of the best ways to help is to ensure that they have the right support. Turn to the experienced team at CenterPointe Hospital in Weldon Spring, MO, for inpatient adolescent services to help struggling teenagers. They use therapeutic intervention, education, and individualized care for every patient. To schedule an appointment, call (636) 441-7300 or visit them online to learn more.