A quality roof can protect your home and keep your family comfortable through every season. However, winter presents unique challenges like ice dams and snow buildup. Understanding what maintenance steps to take before the temperatures drop helps prepare for the colder months, so here are some tips to prevent the need for emergency roof repair

How to Maintain Your Roof During Winter

1. Check Insulation and Ventilation

The heat inside the home can emanate through the roof, melting any snow on the surface. Problems occur when that water then refreezes into a large sheet of ice. Attic insulation and ventilation prevent hot air from escaping through the roof. 

By limiting heat transfer, these elements of the home help avoid ice dams and keep your interior more comfortable and energy-efficient. An insulation or roofing expert can tell you whether the home lacks any insulation and ventilation, allowing you to take action if necessary.

2. Clean Gutters

roof repair

During fall, lots of leaves and debris accumulate in the gutters. If left unattended over the winter, the water in the drainage system will collect and back up onto the roof.

Once temperatures drop, the lingering fluids freeze to form ice dams. The freezing and thawing lead to a harmful cycle of expansion and contraction that can break apart shingles and cause serious leaks that need roof repairs. 

3. Remove Excess Snow

In addition to contributing to ice dams, snow can also harm roofs by adding extra weight that the surface can’t support. However, don’t climb up onto the exterior during winter; instead, get a professional to remove the matter safely. You can also use a long rake shovel while standing on the ground to remove snow if there are several inches or more of it.


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