The harsh Ohio winter can be hard on your roof and siding, but many homeowners overlook the effect of extreme weather on their gutters. Freezing weather, high winds, and standing water can cause drainage issues and leaks you may not notice until spring. Here are a few of the most common gutter issues caused by winter weather.

What Are the Most Common Winter Gutter Problems?

1. Ice Buildup

Blockages in your downspouts trap water from melting ice, which may eventually pool in the gutters. When temperatures drop again, runoff refreezes and expands, potentially causing the pipes and gutters to bend and flex. Snow runoff is usually caused by heat gathering in the attic, which makes your roof warmer than the outside air. Clearing out the gutters before winter and insulating your attic can help prevent ice buildup and the damage it can cause.

2. Strong Winds


Winter storms often bring powerful winds with enough force to pull your gutters away from the eaves. Storms are especially destructive if your gutters have already been weakened by corrosion or previous damage. At the beginning of winter, have your gutters cleaned by an experienced professional. They will also be able to identify hidden issues that could make your gutters more susceptible to storm damage.

3. Damage to the Eaves

Snow and ice can collect in low spots in the gutters if they aren’t properly aligned. The additional weight can pull the gutters away from the wall, potentially damage the eaves and soffits of your house. Gutters should slope in a straight line toward the downspouts. If you notice low spots or see water spilling over the side when it rains, have a technician check to make sure they’re properly aligned.


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