Beauty Supply Store
African Naturals
4511 S Kingshighway Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63109-2459

About African Naturals

Nourish your body with natural products that’ll empower a healthier lifestyle. From herbs to supplements, African Naturals will have the perfect solution for you. This locally owned supply store in Saint Louis, MO, sells the highest quality organic items at the lowest possible prices.

Since 2013, this business has provided the best value and education for all their natural products. These non-GMO supplements will support an abundance of health issues, such as nausea, pain relief, and cognitive function. To tend to your personal beauty needs, this store offers a variety of oils, cocoa butter, lotions, and conditioners to help rejuvenate your glow. If interested in trying a more hearty diet, incorporate this company’s natural herbs into your meals or ask a team member about Dr. Sebi’s recommendations. This business stays dedicated to their roots by reinvesting a portion of all purchases into many African organizations, such as education systems and healthcare.

Stop by African Naturals today and receive 25% off any single item. If interested in learning more about their inventory of supplements, visit their website or call (314) 255-4258.