Moving across the country is a huge step, particularly when you have a family to relocate. Having the help of a moving company will certainly make the trip easier, but on the long road to a new home, children can get antsy. Use the following guide to facilitate a painless journey.

How to Ease Your Family’s Cross Country Move

1. Pack the Necessities

When it comes to cross-country driving, you’ll probably need some supplies. This might include snacks, water, medications, and overnight bags. Make sure to pack these separately from the items the moving company is taking. If you have essentials you’ll need to use during the drive, keep them in an easily accessible location.

2. Talk to Your Kids

As with any new and potentially stressful experience, you should have a discussion with your children about the drive. Let them know how long the trip is going to take and where you plan to stop along the way. Allow them to ask questions, and set some ground rules and behavioral expectations.

Plan to reward good behavior with a restaurant stop of their choosing, a new toy, or a movie night when you’re settled in your new home.

3. Prepare Some Entertainment

moving companyKids get bored easily, and sitting still on long trips can make them especially restless. Bring a variety of games and toys to keep them entertained. Download a few movies to watch on your smartphone or tablet, plan a few road trip games the whole family can play, and pick up some coloring or activity books.

4. Schedule Stops

If you aren’t well-acquainted with the route you’re taking, do some research beforehand to pinpoint a few good pit stops. You never know when you’re going to hit a long stretch with no gas stations or restaurants. Plan to stop several times each day of the trip for bathroom breaks, meals, and a chance to stretch.

5. Keep a Cool Demeanor

Moving long-distance can be challenging, and even if you plan ahead, something can go wrong. Whether it’s a sibling fight, flat tire, or an item accidentally left behind, it’s important for parents to remain calm. Keeping cool will ensure your mind stays clear enough to fix the situation in a timely and effective manner, and the positive attitude will help your kids stay calm, too.


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