Moving requires a lot of planning and organizing before the moving company gets to you. One critical step is packing up your belongings for a secure relocation, but you may be overwhelmed with where to begin. Below is a guide to get started.

How to Pack for Moving Day

Take an Inventory

Your first step is to take an inventory of your entire home. You and your family have likely accumulated so much stuff over the years that you don’t even remember what you have. Move from room to room and list everything you have, which will help you later when you are making a packing list for each box.


moving companyAs you move through your house, you can decide what you are keeping, what you are selling or donating, and what is trash or recycling. Make sure the moving company is only bringing the items you really want and need to your new home. Sell or donate duplicates and gently used items, and don’t be afraid to trash old, broken items. The bathroom and kitchen are notorious areas for unnecessary or expired items. Decluttering reduces the number of boxes you will need to transport and unpack. It streamlines your moving day tremendously and makes settling into your new place easier.

Pack in Order

Always start with the rooms and areas you use the least, like closets, spare bedrooms, and storage rooms like attics, basements, and crawlspaces. Attics and basements are typically the hardest to pack since they are filled with items you don’t use regularly and will probably need purging and organizing before being packed for the move. Keep in mind that hazardous materials like cleaners and paints cannot be relocated by the moving company. It’s safer to toss open containers and buy fresh at your new home.

Save your bedroom and bathroom for last since you will need to use these rooms up until moving day. You want to be able to sleep and clean comfortably without having to search for important items in boxes. Kitchens can be daunting to organize and pack since there are many fragile or sharp items that will need special packing materials for safe transport. Start your kitchen relatively early but begin with non-essentials. Leave your most-used items to very end and have a box ready to pack those last-minute items on moving day.


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