From wedding presents to family heirlooms, china and fragile glassware in cabinets and drawers might have monetary or sentimental value. If you’re planning a relocation, stacking items without protection could lead to chips and cracks when professional movers load and unload boxes on the truck. To prevent damage, follow this packing advice.

3 Tips to Pack China & Fragile Glassware Correctly

1. Use Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap

Although you might have stacks of newspaper at home, it’s best to wrap fragile dishware in packing paper or bubble wrap instead. Otherwise, inks from newsprint could transfer onto china and glass, leaving permanent smudges.

professional moversWrap each item individually. Lay out a few sheets and fold them up diagonally over a plate, cup, or bowl. Tuck edges into the creases. For pitchers and cups, put extra paper or bubble wrap around the handles.

2. Stacks Items According to Weight

Once wrapped, items can be put in boxes. Instead of packing them flat, place plates on edges, separated by sheets of packing paper. For better weight distribution, heavier items should sit at the bottom of the box, with lighter belongings on top. Cups should be facing downward, and all gaps in boxes should be filled in with crushed paper for extra cushioning.  

3. Stick With Small- & Medium-Sized Boxes

To remain organized and save space in the moving truck, you might be tempted to place all china and glassware in one large box. This can make the box too heavy, increasing the risk the bottom will fall through when you or professional movers lift it.

To prevent this, spread items out in a series of small- and medium-sized boxes. In the confined space, there’s less risk of belongings shifting and getting damaged in transit.


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