While moving can be an exciting adventure, it can be tough on kids. Because of this, the way you break the news to your children matters. Helping them understand the move so they can see it in a positive light will make everything easier when the moving services team shows up on moving day.

How to Break the News About a Family Move

1. Pick the Right Time & Place

moving servicesYou shouldn’t wait to tell your kids about the move. Children should generally be given at least a month’s notice, so they have time to process and prepare for when the moving services team arrives. Tell your kids about the move at home during a time when distractions like the TV are not present. Go over the essential details of the move without overloading them with information.

2. Let Them Express Their Emotions

Leaving friends, sports teams, and other activities behind can be hard for kids. It’s perfectly normal for them to be upset or angry, so show empathy and understanding. Answer any questions or concerns they might have. Remind them that you are here to support and help them so that they can feel validated and loved.

3. Make Sure to Stay Positive

Your children can read your emotions, which is why it is important that you stay positive yourself—even if moving will be hard for you, too. Your positivity can provide reassurance that the move will be a good idea. Talk about the advantages of the move, but don’t exaggerate the positives. Kids can see through such false promises, and may feel less like part of the family “team” as a result.


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