Your garage is not only perfect for storage solutions—it's the perfect place to have a home workshop. The garage offers plenty of space, quiet from the rest of the house, and easy access to bring in large projects. Take a look at how you can turn your garage into the ideal workshop for your hobbies. 

Why Is the Garage a Good Place for a Workshop?

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Your garage offers more potential than simply being a storage solution for tools and seasonal items. Whether you enjoy working on cars or creating custom furniture, most projects can be noisy. The garage is often separated from the house–or at least tucked away on one side—so you don't have to worry about disturbing your family and neighbors.  

Access to the outside makes it easy to transition for certain projects, like spray painting or cutting materials that create sawdust or other debris. Garages typically have ample space as well and are a common area to store tools, so it's likely you already have starting materials there. 

What Are Some Tips to Transform It? 

There are a few considerations worth making when designing your garage workshop. First, you'll need storage solutions for tools and materials you use in your projects. This could include a variety of cabinetry for materials and larger tools. Consider wall storage, which is a great way to keep tools quickly accessible while preserving the floorspace. 

Next, you'll need a workbench where you can do project preparation as well as cutting, sanding, and gluing. Remember to add plenty of overhead and task lighting so you can see what you're working on no matter the time of day. Lastly, you'll want to add extra outlets so you can conveniently plug in any power tools or appliances. 


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