When you’re restyling your kitchen, the cabinets deserve careful consideration. Raised panels and flat panels are two of the most popular designs available, and each has unique attributes to transform a space. This brief guide explains differences between the two and how to choose the best option that complements your aesthetic.

Raised Panel Cabinets

The door’s center panel on these cabinets protrudes out and is the same thickness as the border. These pieces are admired for their ornate appearance and the way they highlight details in the woodwork, so they’re excellent with woodgrains. Since they’re more decorative, they may include arched designs and other embellishments.      

If you want your kitchen to look more luxurious, raised panel is an excellent choice. The fancy detailing can create a traditional and an inviting ambience, with a polished and refined appearance. However, keep in mind that the extra ridges and grooves trap more dirt, so they require more maintenance to stay clean. Also, the elaborate style of these cabinets should be balanced with simplicity elsewhere in the space.        

Flat Panel Cabinets

Flat panels have a level surface with either no frame or a minimal one, and their design is simplistic, with no added ornamentation. The aesthetic is considered more contemporary, streamlined, and neat. Shaker style models are a popular example of this design, and, although they date back more than two centuries, they’ve been adapted to complement modern kitchens. The smooth texture also makes these items ideal for painting and stain finishes.   

The style of these cabinets has been described as contemporary and farmhouse, so they can integrate well in your kitchen, whether you’re going for a trendy or rustic look. They’re also easier to wipe clean and don’t collect as much grime. Plus, since the design is simple, you can be more creative with hardware and colors, or add more embellishments elsewhere in the room.

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